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Energy entails more than physical alertness - there are mental and emotional types of energy, too. Our tank can run low on any or all of these, so we sometimes need a turbocharge. We can get a quick boost from short-term “hacks” as well as longer-term commitments to a healthy lifestyle, with sufficient sleep and regular exercise. And when we focus on maintaining our energy, we can build longer-lasting, deeper enthusiasm for our work.

We need energy to enjoy our work, and we can refuel with short-term, science-based “hacks” as well as longer-term commitments to a healthy lifestyle.


Try some proven techniques to increase your energy:

  • Lift your spirits by thinking of three good things that have happened to you, then, writing them down in a designated journal or discussing them with a friend or partner

  • Make time for human connection - try having a quick conversation with your local barista or a fellow commuter for an instant boost

  • If possible, end your experiences on a high note to harness the “peak-end effect”

  • Identify your strengths by analyzing previous successes or asking those close to you, and find new ways to apply them to your workday