How to have a good day

We help you be your best at work, using techniques that blend rigorous science with real practicality

The secret to having a good day lies in the science of how the brain works and why people behave the way they do.
— Caroline Webb, CEO of How to Have a Good Day

Small steps,
big difference

We teach people how to apply insights from behavioral neuroscience, psychology and economics to improve their professional performance, productivity and wellbeing


We’ve found people are far more likely to embrace and remember a technique if they understand why it works. This deeper understanding also makes it easier for people to share the techniques with their colleagues.


Our material is tried-and-tested, but we don’t do “off the shelf” work because no two organizations are the same. So, we immerse ourselves in your context and then design our sessions to make sure we’re focusing on what’s truly most important to you.


Our workshop participants practice applying the techniques we teach to real situations they’re dealing with. This deep learning-by-doing makes the concepts truly stick, and people get immediate value from attending our sessions.

Hands-on training

Our workshops help you be your best at the office and beyond


Meet our founder

Caroline Webb is a management consultant, economist and renowned leadership coach who has worked with hundreds of organizations to help their employees be more productive, energized, and successful in their careers.

 Caroline Webb speaking to a group of eager workers