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You may have the best ideas in the room, but if you can’t get your message across or convince others to get on board, it’s hard to make the impact you intend. Influencing others is an art and a science - and the science is clear that strong communication and confidence are surefire ways to make yourself heard. And with the right techniques and frameworks, these traits are easier to display than you might think.

Learn to get your message across and make an impact on others using proven techniques to improve your communication and confidence.


Try our proven techniques to increase your influence:

  • When making a point, emphasize the human angle: use an example that shows how your idea affects a real person

  • Try “nudging” to make it easy for people to pay attention to your idea - make a concrete suggestion, or provide visual hints to lead people to the outcome you want

  • If you want people on board with your project, get them involved and they’ll become invested

  • When you’re nervous, you can boost your confidence by connecting with your values, even if they appear to have nothing to do with the situation at hand