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Most of us have too much on our plates, with a seemingly everlasting to-do lists to match. What’s worse, we tend to focus on tasks requiring immediate attention rather than what’s truly important and in line with our daily intentions. But when we learn to plan our time properly, overcome procrastination, and deal with overload, we end the day feeling more accomplished, alert, and in control and rid ourselves of the usual tiredness and overwhelm.

We can vastly enhance our productivity when we use behavioral science to learn to plan our time properly, combat procrastination, and manage overload.


Try our proven techniques to boost your productivity:

  • Stop wasting time multitasking; instead, try “singletasking,” where you focus on one task at a time

  • Plan downtime for rest and reflection - this will help to improve your decision-making and creativity

  • Use the “positive no” to free up your time for the things that matter

  • Beat procrastination by planning short-term rewards for getting small tasks done