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We all want to come up with great ideas, make smart comments and generally have our brilliance shine through every day. But sometimes our minds aren’t up to the task, and we can feel stunted or stuck. Fortunately, behavioral science can teach us how to get out of a thinking rut by identifying our cognitive blindspots and laying out the questions we can ask ourselves to harness our inner creativity, wisdom, and insight.

Quality relationships are integral to our happiness, and we can easily build rapport with others once we understand the science behind what makes them tick.


Try our proven techniques to take your thinking to the next level:

  • When you’re feeling stuck, pick up a pen and paper and write out the issue you’re trying to solve - you’ll be surprised how quickly the ideas come

  • Conduct a “pre-mortem” before a big decision, imagining what might go wrong and then working backwards to prevent that mistake

  • Reflect on the ideal outcome of your task or project, then determine the first small step towards that

  • Get sleep and exercise - they actually do make you smarter