How to boost your resilience to setbacks and uncertainty

Disappointments, frustrations and periods of uncertainty are inevitable in any modern job. Perhaps a project falls short of its goals. Maybe there’s tense situation over resourcing, or a question-mark over your role. At times like these, we all want to respond wisely. And yet, studies have found that our brains don’t perform as well when we’re stressed or irritated – and that can make it hard for us to do the right thing when we’re under pressure. Luckily, behavioral science research points to a number of techniques we can use to stay centered and sharp while navigating tricky situations, as well as effective ways to move forward after the storm has passed. You’ll walk out of this workshop knowing exactly how to use them in your own life and work.

Learn how to stay calm, clear and creative while navigating challenging situations, and how to rapidly get back on track if things don’t go as you hope


What you'll learn:

In a half day

  • A range of research-backed techniques for staying calm and centered in the heat of the moment

  • How to most effectively prepare for interactions or situations that are likely to be stressful

  • Approaches that help you move on from difficult situations and think clearly about the right way forward

In a full day

Everything included in the half day, plus some or all of the following:

  •  Uncertainty: How to feel in control and think clearly in ambiguous situations

  • Crisis response: How to frame discussions of problems and mistakes so that you reach better, wiser solutions - either on your own or with your colleagues

  • Problem-solving: How to make complex issues more manageable and overcome your natural blindspots in thinking them through

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Who is this for?

Anyone in your organization - from executives to the front line. The language and concepts are applicable for all.

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How many can attend?

There is no lower or upper limit on the numbers. We create intimacy even within large groups.

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What’s the format?

No lectures here! Our sessions are hands-on, with people applying the techniques to real situations.

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How should I prepare?

Consider what make a day truly great for you - and what sometimes gets in the way. We’ll do the rest!

Are you flexible on timing?

Are you flexible on timing?

Absolutely. We can adjust the content to ensure that the workshop fits into your schedule.

How can I make it stick?

How can I make it stick?

We’ve created an app that allows you to quickly reinforce and remember the techniques wherever, whenever.