Who we are

We’re passionate about using behavioral science to help people thrive.

For nearly 20 years, we've been dedicated to showing people how to apply scientific insights to improve their professional effectiveness. It's deeply satisfying work, because insights from the behavioral sciences point to lots of small tweaks that make a big difference to our ability to be at our best - and we've seen those tiny changes unlock better conversations, smarter thinking, and more energy in even the most challenging workplaces. How do we do it? We run group workshops that build practical skills and leave people inspired and equipped to take more control of their working lives. And we coach and advise leaders, to help them use these evidence-based approaches to strengthen the culture of their teams and organizations. One day at a time, we're committed to doing our part to make the working world a kinder, better place. Here's to many more good days for all of us!


Caroline Webb


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Our approach

We create unusually effective learning experiences for seasoned professionals. That means we recognize the natural skepticism people have about the possibility of making positive changes in their busy lives. So we don't ask people to embrace any strange jargon or "woo-woo" ideas - instead, we teach accessible yet powerful techniques that are rooted in research and real examples. And then the majority of our time together is spent on hands-on application of our techniques to real situations people are facing right now. It's gloriously practical, and it works.

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Hands-on practice

Our workshop participants practice applying the techniques we teach to real situations they’re dealing with. This deep learning-by-doing makes the concepts truly stick, and people get immediate value from attending our sessions.


Explained by science

We’ve found people are far more likely to embrace and remember a technique if they understand why it works. This deeper understanding also makes it easier for people to share the techniques with their colleagues.


Tailored to you

Our material is tried-and-tested, but we don’t do “off the shelf” work because no two organizations are the same. So, we immerse ourselves in your context and then design our sessions to make sure we’re focusing on what’s truly most important to you.

Our services


Development sessions for groups


Train-the-trainer for individuals and organizations


Facilitation of large-scale events


Guidance on building a strong culture

All of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking.
— Albert Einstein