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We’re passionate about using behavioral science to help people thrive

We help people be their best at work, every single day, using techniques that blend rigorous science with real practicality. For nearly 20 years, our team has shown clients how to apply scientific insights to improve their professional performance and overall wellbeing. We’ve worked with leaders to create cultures that use these insights to enable their workplace to thrive. We’ve led workshops for companies operating in virtually all industries. We’ve coached, taught and advised organizations across six continents. We’ve written a book that has been published in more than 60 countries and 16 languages. We’re proud to be able to say that we’ve helped create millions of better days at work. 


Caroline Webb

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How we help

We make good habits easy to understand, apply and repeat. That’s because we pay close attention to the how, why and who to create the optimal learning experience.

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We’ve found people are far more likely to embrace and remember a technique if they understand why it works. This deeper understanding also makes it easier for people to share the techniques with their colleagues.


Our material is tried-and-tested, but we don’t do “off the shelf” work because no two organizations are the same. So, we immerse ourselves in your context and then design our sessions to make sure we’re focusing on what’s truly most important to you.


Our workshop participants practice applying the techniques we teach to real situations they’re dealing with. This deep learning-by-doing makes the concepts truly stick, and people get immediate value from attending our sessions.

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Practical training with science experts


Facilitation of development events


Fully custom advisory services


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Caroline has the ability to literally create a paradigm shift in your thinking and approach to life.
— Ndidi, senior social sector leader