How to build a high-performance team culture

The workplace is changing, as predictable and routine tasks are increasingly automated. But humans have distinctive advantages over even the most sophisticated robot when it comes to wisdom, empathy, and creativity. In the future, there will be a premium on leaders who excel at creating team environments where these precious human strengths can flourish. And that starts with understanding the brain enough to get the best out of your colleagues.

Learn to use insights from behavioral science to get the best out of your colleagues every single day, boosting your own performance and wellbeing in the process.


What you'll learn:

In a half day

  • Techniques for achieving greater focus, better insight and more output

  • Strategies to help you reorganize the structure of your days for maximum productivity

  • How to revamp your to-do list to help you rethink the way you frame your priorities

  • An approach to help you define and set your boundaries more effectively

In a full day

Everything included in the half day, plus some or all of the following:

  • Procrastination: How to progress the tasks that never seem to get done

  • Insight: A range of techniques to unblock your thinking when tackling tough topics

  • Stress reduction: A range of tools to help you stay on an even keel when the volume and complexity of your work threatens your sense of balance

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Who is this for?

Anyone in your organization - from executives to the front line.

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How many can attend?

As many as you'd like - we are skilled at creating intimate conversations in even the largest of settings.

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What’s the format?

No lectures here! We ensure hands-on practice in pairs or small groups.

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How should I prepare?

Consider what stands in the way of a great day for you. We’ll do the rest!