How to have a good day

A good day at work depends partly on things we can’t control, like an unexpected crisis or a cranky colleague. But behavioral science shows us that many things that seem fixed or random can actually be influenced by our own actions. In this workshop, you’ll learn practical tricks that are easy to build into your daily routine. These will transform the enjoyment, effectiveness and productivity you get out of each day.

Gain a broad-based toolkit to help you use insights from behavioral science to take control of the quality of your everyday experience of working life.


What you'll learn:

In a half day

How to:

  • Get significantly more out of the time you have

  • Boost your intelligence when you’re tackling difficult tasks

  • Respond more effectively to other people’s bad behavior

  • Shift the overall tone of your day toward something more positive

In a full day

How to:

  • Do everything in the half day workshop, plus:

  • Apply advanced techniques that line up with our seven key ideas: priorities, productivity, relationships, thinking, influence, resilience and energy

  • Relate these practical tactics back to the three behavioral science principles that underpin all our interventions

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Who is this for?

Anyone in your organization - from executives to the front line.

 group of people icon

How many can attend?

As many as you'd like - we are skilled at creating intimate conversations in even the largest of settings.

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What’s the format?

No lectures here! We ensure hands-on practice in pairs or small groups.

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How should I prepare?

Consider what stands in the way of a great day for you. We’ll do the rest!